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‍How to " Convert your Home driving license to 2 years Thai driving license " ?

✍️Success visa is here to make your life easier. If you already have a license from your home country, we can help you secure a Thai Driver’s License in no time! In fact, you won’t have to take any exams beyond a physical test.
Note :If your home driving license not issue as english language then can not process directly have to do translate and let your embassy in Thailand to stamp certify.
Having a driver’s license from your home will make the process of obtaining a Thai driving license less stressful.
- Thailand issues 2 separate driving licenses – one for cars,and one for motorbikes. As a result, you may hold 
‍✈️Upon applying for a Thai license, you will receive a temporary 2-years driving permit. After those 2 years, you must return to the Department of Land Transport in order to secure a regular driving license valid for the next 5 years.(Anyway is up to DLT consideration if you still have only tourist at that time might be they will give u only 2 years.
Documents that be required:
1️⃣ Your Original Home driving licence . If have translate and certify from your embassy also need original certified copy and a certified translation).
2️⃣ A certificate of residence certificate or work permit (with the address inside).
3️⃣ A medical certificate.
4️⃣ Your passport (the original and a copy of the front page and your current visa)
If you do your motorbike and car driving license at the same time, you will need 2 copies of each.One for each license.
Our service is in Pattaya then you have to come to visit here for processing .
Let's us to be your assistant to make all easier for your life.
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