@ Thai Marriage Registration

@ Marriage Registration in Thailand 

- Success visa have service for marriage registration with Thai lady. We have provided services every step of the way including the preparation of relevant documents translate single documents With a seal of approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, every step is convenient, fast, with an experienced team.

@ Note: Marriage registration is not accepted for all nationalities that do not have an embassy located in Thailand and some nationalities that take longer than usual.

@ Documents required for marriage registration are as follows:

**  Foreigners (original only)
• Passport
• Certificate of Single (Affirmation )
( request at the embassy of foreigners in Thailand for some countries that you can apply in Thailand)
• Original divorce certificate (if any)

** Thai people (Orignal only)
• ID card
• House hold registration
• Divorce certificate (if any)

Note : The time period and documents notified above may change
depending on the nationality of the foreigner.


@ The registration process is as follows.

1️⃣ Bring the single certificate to Thai translation and bring it to certify the stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chaeng Watthana, Bangkok.
2️⃣️ Take clients to register their marriage at the district office with interpreters and witnesses.
3️⃣ Once the marriage has been registered The company will bring the marriage registration certificates, 2nd and 3rd to translate into English. To make it convenient for customers to bring documents to
be stamped for certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs again.
4️⃣ Bring the marriage certificate Kr.3,Kr.2 which has been stamped, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to return the customer. For customers to apply for a visa or to do various legal acts
(There is an additional fee. customers can choose to do it or not)

** The company will take care of the whole process until the completion
of the process )

@ Getting a valid marriage registration is an essential part of your visa application after you've registered your marriage.You can submit a marriage certificate to support the visa application to accompany your visa to live with the your wife with NON-O: Marriage visa in Thailand.


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