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Work Permit in Thailand

As a rule of tumb, all Non-Thai nationals who seek to work in Thailand need to obtain a Work Permit prior to the commencement of their work in the Kingdom. The main source of law for all issues related to foreigners seeking to work in Thailand in general and for procedures regarding the issuance and maintenance of Work Permits as well as professions prohibited to Non-Thai nationals is the Foreign Working Act. The government agency governing the field is the Ministry of Labor.  Notably, this act describes working as exerting energy or using knowledge, not matter if compensated or not. This very broad definition of work makes obtaining a Work Permit a necessity for a large number of foreigners in Thailand.

On the next sides we will explain in detail which rules companies in Thailand need to adhere to in order to issue Work Permits, how the Work Permit application process looks like, which kind of documentation is needed, which jobs are allowed to foreign nationals and which professions are restricted to Thai nationals and highlight come special cases.



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