* Type of Non-Immigration Visa / ประเภทของ Non-Immigration Visa

Introduction to Non-Immigrant Visa

Non-Thai nationals who seek a prolonged stay in the Kingdom of Thailand or are coming to Thailand for work and business purposes have to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa. Except for Tourist Visa, Non-Immigrant Visa are the by far most widely used visa category. Immigration regulations envisage an extensive variety of sub-types in order to meet the needs and qualifications of applicants:

  • B Business Visa: for Non-Thai nationals who want to conduct business or are enter an employment relationship in Thailand.
  • B-A Business-Approved Visa: if a Non-Thai national wants to invest in or conduct business with a Thai company.
  • D Diplomatic Visa: for Non-Thai nationals employed by a foreign embassy in Thailand.
  • ED Education Visa: for Non-Thai nationals who wish to study or teach in Thailand.
  • EX Expert Visa: for Non-Thai nationals performing short term skilled or expert work.
  • F Official Visa: for Non-Thai nationals performing official duties involving the Royal Thai government.
  • IB Investor Visa: for Non-Thai nationals seeking to enter Thailand for investment purposes.
  • IM Investor Visa: for Non-Thai nationals who are in the process of setting up a company under the authority    of the Board of Investment.
  • M Mass Media Visa: for Non-Thai nationals who are accredited press representatives.
  • O Dependent Visa: for Non-Thai nationals who wish to enter Thailand as dependents or husbands/wives.
  • O-A Retirement Visa: for Non-Thai nationals wishing to retire in Thailand.
  • R Missionary Visa: for Non-Thai nationals performing missionary work.
  • RS Science Visa: for Non-Thai nationals doing scientific research in the Kingdom.
  • S Sports Visa: for Non-Thai nationals participating in an officially recognized sports event.


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