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How To Retire In Thailand

@ Renew Your Retirement Visa – Retirement Visa Renewals

A retirement visa is the most common type for Thailand expats. 

It allows visitors to stay longer in Thailand, provided they satisfy 

the financial criteria or requirement. Success Visa specialises in helping clients get their retirement visa faster and easier. 

We use our extensive immigration knowledge on visa requirements in every application to provide satisfying results.

This visa type is renewable on a yearly basis so the foreigner can stay in Thailand as long as you  meet the visa requirements.

We are centrally located in Pattaya , we can solve all your visa problems – renewals or first time retirement visa applications.


Apply For A Thai Retirement Visa : You should have 

 @   Minimum age 50 years old

 @  Passport minimum 1 year validity

 @  Departure card T.M6

 @  Proof of meeting the financial requirements

 @  Thai book bank 

 @  Letter from Thai bank

 @  3 photographs


Retirement Visa Requirements

You must be 50 years old or above to apply for this type of retirement visa. There are different ways to satisfy the financial side, and we are here to guide you through. We will help present and prove your income. We will also process your non-immigrant visa, which is important to obtain a retirement visa in Thailand. We can help you satisfy the Thai retirement visa requirements if you have any issues proving your income, talk to us, we maybe able to help you meet the visa requirements. Success Visa would love to serve you in every way we can. Contact us to learn more about the retirement visa application process and the requirements.


This visa allows you to stay in Thailand if you leave the country you will need a re- entry permit from local immigration .  You will also need form TM8 from the immigration Bureau website which you download.

And two photographs passport size & the correct fee. These can generally be done on the same day at any local immigration office.




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